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Epic Games Store Freebies Announced

Epic Games Store Freebies Announced

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Epic Games Store Freebies Announced
Epic Games Store's Freebies Have Been Announced: Two Games with a Total Steam Value of $15 Will Be Free

While Epic Games Store continues its weekly free games at full speed, this week's freebies have also emerged. This Thursday, two wonderful games await us with a total Steam value of 426 TL.

Epic Games Store, which has recently been revealed to be still making losses, still continues to make players happy.

[Image: s-bc019906be098a012d3f57e7809efbdce58f20d6.jpg]

Epic Games Store, which has been reported to have no profit expectation until 2027, is Steam's strongest rival and aims to delight its existing users and attract new players to its side with the free games it gives out every week.

Our first game this week is Earthlock, which has a price tag of $11 on Steam.

Our game, which takes us to vast fantasy lands, takes inspiration from the RPG games of the 90s. In the game, which has a turn-based combat system, we explore the land of Umbra by using characters with different characteristics in our party in harmony.

The second game of the week will be Surviving the Aftermath, worth $4.

In a world where the apocalypse has finally arrived, we are our colony's only hope. The game, in which we try to survive with limited resources and keep our people alive, is a production that will especially please those who love strategy and city building genres.

When will we be able to access these two games, whose total Steam value is $15, completely free?

[Image: s-70fa7679308a7e343d18c664cb5b3993fc9f6e2d.jpg]

Both games will be free for Epic Games Store users on Thursday, November 16 at 18:00. Until then, you can add the horror game Golden Light, which is the freebie of the current week, to your library completely free of charge.

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