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Minecraft Weakness Spell Making Guide

Minecraft Weakness Spell Making Guide

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Minecraft Weakness Spell Making Guide
What is needed to make a Minecraft weakness potion? You can obtain potions in seconds by following the steps in the guide we have prepared.

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The potion you will have with the Minecraft weakness potion making guide will reduce your attack power slightly for a certain period of time if consumed. So, what steps should be taken to obtain the potion that reduces attack power?

In Minecraft, which stands out with its advanced craft system, you can obtain new objects by combining some objects. With these you can build shelters, create weapons, obtain potions and more.

The potions obtained in the game have various positive and negative uses. For example, the weakness potion we will talk about in this guide reduces attack power by 0.5 for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and therefore causes you to deal less damage with melee weapons.

What are the Steps to Make Minecraft Weakness Potion?
  • Get 1 Fermented Spider Eye and 1 water bottle.
  • Open the Brewing Stand.
  • Add Blaze Powder to the leftmost tile to activate the Brewing Stand.
  • Add the water bottle to one of the boxes below.
  • Place the Fermented Spider Eye in the box above.
  • After a while you will get a potion of weakness.
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To obtain the weakness potion in the video game Minecraft, which has managed to maintain its popularity for many years, you first need Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder and a water bottle. If you have provided the necessary materials, you can move on to the construction phase.

First, you need to view the Brewing Stand, which allows the production of various objects, including potions. In the next step, you must add Blaze Powder to the leftmost box to activate the Brewing Stand.

Place the water bottle in your inventory in the bottom box of the Brewing Stand window. It is possible to get 3 potions at once by adding 3 water bottles to the boxes below. This is a very useful detail for players who need more than one weakness potion.

After placing the water bottle, add the Fermented Spider Eye to the box at the top. If you do this, the weakness potion will start to be produced. After a while, you will have obtained the object in question.

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