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Steam Deck OLED announced

Steam Deck OLED announced

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Steam Deck OLED announced
After a year of successfully turning gaming portables into mainstream devices, Valve has officially announced the new version of Steam Deck.

Steam Deck OLED, which is announced to be available on November 16, will have an improved OLED screen, better sounds and a number of quality improvements, as the name suggests. Apart from all these, there is another remarkable change: Valve said that the new device has 30 to 50 percent better battery performance compared to its predecessor.

Steam Deck OLED will be available in two different storage configurations. In this context, the price of the device with 512 GB storage is determined as 549 dollars, and the price of the device with 1 TB storage is determined as 649 dollars. Just like its predecessor, Steam Deck OLED will also have a microSD card input. Pre-orders are expected to open next week.

[Image: limited-thumb-1699384352404_jpm8.1280.jpg]

Users who choose to upgrade their devices will encounter a 7.4-inch HDR OLED panel instead of the standard LCD screen. In other words, we can say that there is a small increase in the screen of the product, although the case dimensions have not changed, compared to seven inches. As a result of this, as you can see below, the Steam Deck OLED model has thinner bezels.

Another of the biggest improvements of Steam Deck OLED is the new 50Whr battery, as we mentioned above. The original model had a 40Whr battery. Considering that one of the biggest complaints about Steam Deck since the first day it was released has been battery performance, we can say that this is perhaps the most critical update. Valve also states that the new device can charge faster.

Now that there is a new Steam Deck on the market, this also means that the price of the LCD model will be reduced. The company plans to discontinue production of 64GB and 512GB LCD models. Below you can find updated prices for LCD models:

  • 64GB model – $349 (previously $399)
  • 256GB model – $399 (previously $529)
  • 512GB model – $449 (previously $649)
There is no noticeable performance difference in the performance of Steam Deck OLED

Despite significant improvements, the OLED model does not include any improvements in terms of performance. Although the refresh rate of the new OLED screen has been increased to 90Hz, we still see 1280x800 on the resolution side.

On the other hand, as previous news has shown, Steam Deck OLED's new Wi-Fi 6E module allows up to three times faster download speeds and better performance when playing online. Of course, let us remind you that among the variables here is your own internet connection.

It's important to understand that this is obviously not a Steam Deck 2. Valve has previously stated that the successor to Steam Deck will not be released until at least 2025. But this updated model comes with some improvements that can be called "must" for Steam Deck's mobile PC experience. Just like the Nintendo Switch OLED released just over two years ago.

Although there is no change in the form factor of the two devices, we also see that the new Steam Deck OLED is approximately 30 grams lighter than its predecessor. However, it's also likely to offer a cooler experience than the Steam Deck, which is known to run hot, thanks to its updated thermal hardware.

Valve is releasing a special limited Steam Deck OLED

Those expecting a colorful Steam Deck OLED may be disappointed, but Valve has introduced a special and limited Steam Deck OLED model that stands out with its translucent design.

This product, which has only 1TB of storage, has a specially designed carrying case and is $ 30 more expensive than the standard 1TB Steam Deck OLED with a price of $ 679. However, the Limited Edition model will unfortunately only be offered to users living in the USA and Canada.

In the normal model, Valve has chosen to remain loyal to the familiar black Steam Deck design. In this context, the only option you have to add some color to the device is back covers and coatings developed by third-party companies.

In a recent interview with IGN, Valve stated that it was "experimenting and thinking about" different color options and that it would see "how customers react" to the Limited Edition model. But he didn't make any promises about new color options.

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