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Posted by: Yunus
[Image: JZjTQho.png]

• Mode: Adventure.
• Difficulty: Easy+.
• Rules/Forbidden: Cheats, Destroy, Creative, Spectator.
• Gameplay: Single, COOP (PVE), Versus (PVP), Exploration.

• Texture Pack: Default.
• Time: Night.
• Graphics: Fancy.
• Smooth lighting: Maximum.
• Brightness: 0% (Dungeon 0-25%).
• Render distance: 12+.
• Particles: All.
• Clouds: Off.
• Extract "RC_301222_RELEASE_10_6_MC_1_19_3" to "\.minecraft\saves"

• Progress: 70-75%
• 81unique buildings (+ apartments, interior, elevators, lighting).
• 8 unique metro lines (+ elevated railway).
• railway, roads, waterways and teleport system.
• sewers, underground caves and rivers (all handmade).
• trials, secrets, quests, RPG.
• lore/manual books (eng/rus).
• new advancements 80+
• new sounds
• new paintings


[Image: 2022-02-11_17.png]
[Image: 2022-02-11_17.png]
[Image: 2022-02-11_17.png]
[Image: 2022-02-11_16.png]
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Posted by: Yunus
This is a Minecolonies Resource Pack including a lot of citizen voice sounds. All workers and citizens will have voice lines, even also barbarians!

This  is a resourcepack, put it into your resourcepacks folder and then select it (similar to shader or texture packs).

Supports 1.16.x and 1.15.x. (1.15 version works for 1.16 too)

[Image: rDNMBiT.png]

Minecolonies is an interactive Town building mod that allows you to create your own thriving Town within Minecraft. It depicts real-life scenarios by providing you with different craftable options to build your own Town and enhance your gaming experience. Featuring many NPC workers such as: Builders, Crafters, Farmers, Fishermen, Guards, Miners, Smelters, Bakers, Cooks, Deliveryman, Animal Herders and many more planned for development. As well as specialized buildings such as: Warehouse, Citizen Huts and a Townhall. Minecolonies gives you the ability to create a colony as rich and unique as every player.

[Image: background.jpg]

Minecolonies is a free and open source mod developed by Let's Dev Together (LDT), a non-profit community. Our developers area a hardworking well integrated coding team, continuously working to add more content to out mod and make the Minecolonies experience even greater! But we are always looking for more people to contribute to our project!

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Posted by: Yunus
Crackpack is back!  The popular modpack series has a new installment in 1.12.2 Minecraft. Join the Mindcrack members as they're fueled by exploration, combat, wizardry, explosions, alchemy, and more! You can lay siege upon barbarian villages or travel to a myriad of exciting dimensions. This project was unlocked as an incentive for the 2019 Mindcrack Marathon which raised over $250,000 for Extra Life.
This modpack includes a number of popular mods as well as some new ones. Both magic and tech are available for a diverse play-style experience. You will be able to recruit an army, train pet rats to do your bidding, or fly over the meticulously sculpted environment in a bath tub. Not only is the surface redesigned from anything you have seen, but beneath the surface lies an expansive cave system ripe for plundering. Travel to other worldly locations using a unique teleportation method. This non-linear, player-driven narrative allows you to cultivate your own story
Created by the development team of many popular modpacks such as Sky Factory 3, 4, and SevTech: Ages, this project was completed over a 7-day live-stream event. Members of the community came together to collaborate on the creation of the pack. We are pleased to present to you, Crackpack 3!
Crack it open by yourself or invite some friends to join in the adventure.

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Posted by: Yunus
In a world where every minecraft player before you has depleted all resources, your mission is to survive among the savage remnants of the old civilizations. Resources have all been mined away and must be collected via Air Drops. Water is finite and crafting tables are endangered. Your goal is to survive the onslaught of every other survivor to collect the materials you need to live and defend your home at all costs. Crafting tables can no longer be made by the player and now have to be sought out in the world. But, watch over your shoulder, because as soon as you begin crafting other survivors will approach. Invasion proves to be a fresh approach with resource collection and management in a grim environment. Will you rise above the rest, or will you fall like so many before you?
This modpack is designed to be played in Survival, Hardcore, and HQM Hardcore. To play with limited lives, use the command /hqm hardcore in-game. 
For server creation, make sure to use the World Type "BIOMESOP" to generate the correct terrain. If you need more space, increase the distance of the world border in the "worldlimiter.cfg" config file. Check the InvasionServerReadme file in the server zip for more information.

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Posted by: Yunus
FoolCraft 3 is a follow up to the original FoolCraft, it's for Minecraft 1.12.2, and is aimed at having as much fun as freakin' possible, while maintaining a progressive Minecraft experience.
It is the pack used by the official FoolCraft server found on YouTube and Twitch.
Mods like Vein-miner, Inventory Pets & Chance Cubes make your play through lightweight and fun, whilst FoolCraft offers depth by having heavy tech mods such as Ender IO and Thermal Expansion, as well as magical mods such as Botania. FoolCraft guarantees you to have a great time!
 ##Minimal 6GB and maximum 8GB of ram allocated needed to run the pack smooth

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Posted by: Yunus
FTB Sky Adventures is a large 1.12 modpack with a mix of tech and magic mods using a new questing system, FTB Quests.  This pack is centered around Project-E for resource gathering after acquiring your raw resources with Ex Nihilo in early game.  Quests are not forced progression so the route you take is up to you.
For the first time in a FTB pack we focus on fun, fast progression if the player chooses to.  Get loads of resources and blocks quickly to build the ultimate sky block base.  Dive deep into the tech and magic trees of all mods, and even explore bee breeding!  Trust me, it pays well!
Rewards are handed out in the form of in game money, save up your cash to buy unique and helpful items from the reward store found in the last chapter of the quest book.  You also have the chance of getting rewards that could change the way you progress! *Note this is not real money, just in game currency that has no use outside of this modpack.  Quests are completely optional and end game can be reached without even opening the quest book if the player so desires*
Multiplayer support is integrated into the server files.  Simply launch and login!  Join a FTB Utilities Team or create your own to be instantly teleported to a brand new island with player spawn point being automatically set.  If joining an existing team then you are teleported to that island and added to that team.  FTB Quest integrates with teams for progression and rewards.  The players questing progression is locked to the island/team as well as their inventory.   When starting over on a new island or joining a different team, all questing progress of that player is reset and inventory is deleted before auto teleporting to new island/team.  For server admins each island is centered in one region file so troubleshooting issues or deleting old islands is a breeze.  There is no limit on team/island creation by default. 

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Posted by: Yunus
[Image: BlockFront_Curseforge_Banner.png]

Welcome, Soldier!
Experience one of the world's most significant conflicts. With close-quarters battles in iconic WWII environments, pick your class, hold the front line, flank the enemy, and command your own squad.
BlockFront is an action-packed Minecraft modification that allows players to immerse themselves in realistic combat during the Second World War. The mod is designed to provide players with an authentic experience of what it was like to fight in battles from the period.

[Image: Curseforge_Showcase_Banner_Weapons.png]


The mod includes a variety of weapons from the Second World War. Players can choose from rifles, submachine guns, pistols, grenades, and more. Each weapon has unique stats and effects, allowing players to customize their loadout to their liking. Players can use these weapons to take down enemy players and complete objectives.

[Image: Curseforge_Showcase_Banner_Tanks.png]

The mod features several maps based on real-world locations from the Second World War. Players can fight on maps like Stalingrad, Normandy, and Berlin. Each map is designed to provide an immersive experience for players, with realistic terrain, buildings, and other features.

[Image: Curseforge_Showcase_Banner_Maps.png]

The mod provides a highly immersive experience for players; realistic sounds, visuals, and animations help players feel like they are in the world of the Second World War.


Multiplayer Matchmaking
Players can join matches with their friends worldwide through the mod's official multiplayer matchmaking system.

This enhanced multiplayer experience also lets you view your in-game statistics, such as kills, deaths, streaks, achievements, rank progression and more. You can add and remove friends, join their games, create parties and invite players to your match.

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Posted by: Yunus
SevTech, but now in Skyblock!
SevTech: Ages is a massive modpack packed with content and progression. This pack focuses on providing the player a long-term progression experience with purpose. SevTech introduces a number of mechanics never before done such as: hiding ore until unlocked, dynamically hidden items and recipes based on progress, new mobs appear as you progress further, and much more! The modpack uses the vanilla advancement system to guide the player along while still allowing an open, sandbox experience. As you progress through the hundreds of custom advancements you will unlock new "ages" which will show you new mods to work through. 
SevTech aims to introduce many mods not frequently used while altering some more widely known mods. The pack also features a ton of custom mods for the best player experience. 
You'll start your first world with nothing. No map or HWYLA and only a handful of items and recipes. As you progress, you will unlock those features, thousands of items and blocks, and much more. Your goal is to follow through the advancement system from the stone age all the way into space!
Every feature in SevTech: Ages can be done in Multiplayer, too! Every progression point is player based and not server-based. This means you can play on a large server and not be left behind if you start after everyone else. The pack also provides the mod "Together Forever" to let players form teams and sync progression. The World Type is suggested to be "{"Topography-Preset":"Sky Block"}".
[b]Note: [/b]This pack will continue to add content after its initial release. The aim of these updates will be to provide a prestige system, more advancements, extra end-game content, and bug fixes. We will do everything in our power to make sure no update will corrupt worlds and a transition into a new update is as smooth as possible.

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Posted by: Yunus
[Image: OuDGXzb.png]
Enigmatica 6 is a modpack for Minecraft 1.16.5 filled with the latest and greatest mods!

[Image: W9vF7JG.png]
Beautiful custom worldgen made with TerraForged & Oh The Biomes You'll Go.
Tons of dungeons, structures and new villages to explore!

Automate all the things with mods like Mekanism, Refined Storage, Immersive Engineering & Thermal Series
Tons of new building blocks, from mods like Macaw's Bridges/Roofs/Windows/Doors, Masonry & Decorative Blocks.

[Image: pM07yW9.png]
Enigmatica 6 has mods to suit everyone's taste, here are a few of them:

[b]Tech:[/b] Create, Immersive Engineering, Refined Storage, Mekanism, PneumaticCraft, Thermal Series, RFTools

Adventure[b]:[/b] Dungeons Plus, DungeonCrawl, Yung's Better Strongholds/Mineshafts, Towers of the Wild, Lost Trinkets

Building[b]:[/b] Macaw's Bridges/Roofs/Windows/Doors/Trapdoors, Masonry, Simply Lights, Decorative Blocks

Magic[b]:[/b] Botania, Ars Nouveau, Nature's Aura, Blood Magic, Astral Sorcery, Occultism
Click the banner to view the modlist.

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Posted by: Yunus
[Image: BH_CCU_Header.png]

Ever wanted to play Crazy Craft in 1.16.5?


✔️ Original Crazy Craft Experience - Revived and Enhanced using Chaos Awakens(Orespawn Remake)

✔️ 100+ New Biomes - New Biomes in the Overworld, The Nether, The End and other Dimensions!

✔️ 500+ New Creatures - Many Mods to add a bunch of New Creatures with their purpose.

✔️ 300+ New Structures - Dungeons, New Villages and A ton More

✔️ 5+ New Dimension - All Ant Dimensions and Other New Dimension Mods

✔️ Many Mods Configurated to make the Pack as fun as Possible

✔️ Spend 100s of Hours and still not get bored - True with Experience

✔️250+ Amazing Mods to make your Minecraft Experience amazing


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